HC Deb 20 December 1945 vol 417 cc1508-9
3. Mr. Haydn Davies

asked the Minister of Education how many trained certificated schoolmasters are known by her Department to have entered the Armed Forces; and how many have returned to the schools under Class A and Class B releases, respectively, up to date.

Miss Wilkinson

20,300 teachers have been identified in His Majesty's Forces by arrangements made between my Department and the Service Departments. This total includes all teachers who left schools recognisedby my Department to Join the Forces, and not only certificated teachers. I have no information about the number released under Class A, but up to mid-November 3,974 teachers had been released under Class B and returned to the schools.

Mr. Davies

Is the right hon. Lady satisfied that this rate is fast enough, and that the Services are not retaining school-masters who could more usefully be employed in the schools?

Miss Wilkinson

That is not a question for me. All that I am concerned about is that I am getting the rate promised to me by the Ministry of Labour in accordance with the priorities worked out.

11. Mr. Lindsay

asked the Minister of Education how many Class B teachers have now been released from the Services; and how many prospective teachers are now being trained in emergency colleges.

Miss Wilkinson

4,747 teachers have been released from the Services under Class B up to 30th November. No new emergency colleges for teachers have been opened in the last fortnight, and the number of students in training therefore remains as given in the reply to the hon. Member on 6th December.

Mr. Lindsay

Is the right hon. Lady satisfied, in view of the fact that she said she hoped 10,000 would be out before the end of this year and that at this rate that cannot happen? Is she satisfied that further manpower cannot be obtained? Is she aware that we wish to strengthen her hand against the Service Departments, and that her answer will not be received with satisfaction in the educational world?

Miss Wilkinson

Ihave tried to explain to the House what the position is. I am sorry if I have given any impression of discourtesy, but hon. Members must be willing to hear the truth sometimes.

Mr. Stokes


Miss Wilkinson

We are adding very greatly to our staff, but there are limits to the speed with which we can absorb staff.