HC Deb 16 November 1944 vol 404 cc2123-4
69. Mr. Bossom

asked the Minister of Health, as the war is ending and owners and others all over the country are considering the redevelopment of property for post-war uses, has he instructed all authorities who formerly had the right to issue permits before building enterprises could be undertaken, to simplify their procedure so that one or two authorities only are necessary to grant all the required permits and to do this speedily.

Mr. Willink

No, Sir, but I hope in due course to issue whatever instructions are permissible under the existing law.

Mr. Bossom

Will my right hon. and learned Friend look seriously into this matter again, because it is taking anything from six months to a year to do work which could be done in six weeks?

Mr. Willink

I do not think much of the suggestion that the same work could be done in six weeks under present conditions. The matter is, however, under consideration.

Mr. Bossom

Is my right hon. and learned Friend aware that it is being done in six weeks in many other parts of the world?

70. Mr. Bossom

asked the Minister of Health, seeing that so much building has been destroyed and so much redevelopment will take place after the war, if he intends introducing legislation which will do away with the former so-called "law of ancient lights"; and does he propose introducing Regulations which will enable an owner or architect to know what size of building can be placed on any site in future.

Mr Willink

I am not clear what my hon. Friend has in mind, but if he would be good enough to let me have a note on the subject, I should be ready to give the matter full consideration.