HC Deb 23 May 1944 vol 400 c582
Mr. Edgar Granville

On Business today, may I ask the Leader of the House whether it is the intention of the Government to suspend the Rule to-morrow; and will the right hon. Gentleman bear in mind that, on the first day of a Foreign Affairs Debate, there is likely to be a queue of elder statesmen who have just discovered the British Empire, and of ordinary back bench Members who have been prospecting in this subject for a long time, and who may not get an opportunity to take part in the Debate unless the right hon. Gentleman decides to extend the Sitting for one or two hours?

Mr. Eden

I do not know whether my hon. Friend includes himself among the elder statesmen, but we have had the good fortune to hear speeches from him once or twice on this subject. I certainly considered this matter, and I thought it might be convenient to the House if we had a limited extension.

Mr. Gallacher

The Leader of the House is aware of the fact, that, after the Prime Minister makes a speech, the House empties. Would it not be desirable to arrange, even at this late hour, that, when the Prime Minister makes his speech to-morrow, someone on this side who is likely to speak on matters concerning King George of the Hellenes and King Peter, and who is likely to be critical of the Prime Minister, should follow the Prime Minister, so as to give us some of the realities of the situation?