HC Deb 18 May 1944 vol 400 cc344-5
51. Major-General Sir Alfred Knox

asked the Secretary of State for War what complaints he has received from relatives of prisoners of war of the non-arrival of reichmarks sent home from prisoners in Germany for conversion from reichmarks into sterling.

Mr. A. Henderson

A reciprocal agreement has: been reached with the German Government under which each Government undertakes to notify the other where a prisoner desires any part of his credit balance with the Detaining Power to be made available in his own country. The prisoner's own Government is then responsible for payment. The agreement operates from 1st November, 1943. Notifications of the prisoners' wishes are received on lists through the Protecting Power and these take longer to reach this country than letters from individual prisoners telling their relatives of the impending remittance. In consequence we have received a number of inquiries on the subject. I am glad to say that the first lists have now been received and payments due will begin at once.

Sir A. Knox

If I send the Minister a number of complaints, will he be able to look into them?

Mr. Henderson

Yes, Sir.

Colonel Burton

Can my hon. and learned Friend say what is the rate of exchange?

Mr. Henderson

It is 15 reichmarks to £1.