HC Deb 28 March 1944 vol 398 cc1264-396

Considered in Committee [Progress, 23rd March].

[Major MILNER in the Chair]

  1. POSTPONED CLAUSE 59.—(Prohibition of fees in schools maintained by local education authorities and in young people's colleges.) 19,972 words, 2 divisions
  2. cc1311-9
  3. CLAUSE 72.—(Inspection of educational establishments.) 2,693 words
  4. cc1319-27
  5. CLAUSE 73.—(Provision of certain ancillary services for pupils not in attendance at schools maintained by local education authorities.) 3,197 words
  6. cc1327-30
  7. CLAUSE 74.—(Supplementary provisions as to medical inspection and treatment.) 1,080 words
  8. cc1330-49
  9. CLAUSE 76.—(Power of local education authorities to give assistance by means of scholarships and otherwise.) 7,655 words
  10. c1349
  11. CLAUSE 77.—(Powers of local education authorities as to educational research, etc.) 191 words
  12. cc1350-1
  13. CLAUSE 78.—(Power of local education authorities to accept gifts for educational purposes.) 447 words
  14. cc1351-5
  15. CLAUSE 81.—(Appointment of chief education officers of local education authorities.) 1,476 words
  16. cc1355-96
  17. CLAUSE 82.—(Remuneration of teachers.) 17,061 words, 2 divisions