HC Deb 21 March 1944 vol 398 cc685-721

Considered in Committee [Progress, 10th March].

(Major MILNER in the Chair.)

  1. CLAUSE 27.—(Special provisions as to religious education in aided schools and in special agreement schools.) 13 words
  2. c685
  3. CLAUSE 28.—(Saving as to position of teachers.) 166 words
  4. cc686-7
  5. CLAUSE 29.—(Transitional provisions as to the separation of primary and secondary schools.) 704 words
  6. cc687-702
  7. CLAUSE 31.—(Education of pupils requiring special educational treatment.) 5,886 words
  8. cc702-10
  9. CLAUSE 32.—(Duty of local education authorities to ascertain what children require special educational treatment.) 3,072 words
  10. cc710-21
  11. CLAUSE 33.—(Compulsory School Age.) 4,900 words