HC Deb 07 March 1944 vol 397 cc1862-3
45. Miss Rathbone

asked the Prime Minister whether, to avoid unnecessary labour in the preparation of educational material for the Services, he will consider pooling the efforts of those engaged in preparing such materials so that, for example, the pamphlets prepared by the Army Education Corps for the "British Way and Purpose" series and by A.B.C.A. can, except where exclusively relevant to the Army, be made available to the responsible officers and group leaders of Civil Defence and of the N.F.S. and through the appropriate organisations for factory and other civilian workers.

The Prime Minister (Mr. Churchill)

The booklets prepared by the Army authorities are intended for the soldier but, as my hon. Friend is no doubt aware, they are also used by the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. I am advised that a somewhat different variant would be required for the Civil Defence Services and other civilians. The several Departments concerned will receive copies of these booklets and may of course reproduce any articles which they consider helpful to their work.

Miss Rathbone

Does the "British Way and Purpose" differ as explained to the Armed Forces and to civilians? Considering what admirable material there is in it could it not be more widely used for civilians?

The Prime Minister

There are a great many points in common with the Armed Forces and civilians. I am advised that special variants are desirable in each case, but I am assured that no great waste of time and labour is caused by catering for these different tastes.

Sir H. Williams

Is the British way and purpose for the people of this country that which was defined by the Home Secretary on Saturday?

The Prime Minister

I have not had an opportunity of reading my right hon. Friend's speech.

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