HC Deb 27 July 1944 vol 402 cc970-1

Lords Amendment: In page 59, line 34, leave out "provision," and insert "establishment."

Mr. Butler

I beg to move, "That this House doth disagree with the Lords in the said Amendment."

This is consequential upon the Amendment that we accepted to Clause 12 and the Amendment that I moved, consequential to that Amendment, on page 59. It makes the matter clearer.

Mr. E. Harvey

Could we have a little clearer explanation from the Minister as to the difference in meaning between the two words?

Mr. Tinker

We have this Amendment Paper before us, and it is all jumble. We are asked to disagree, and we do not know what we are disagreeing with.

Mr. Butler

With the permission of the House, I will make a fuller explanation. What I said was technically correct, that we have accepted an earlier Amendment to Clause 12. I moved an Amendment, on Clause 79, page 59, line 34, to leave out "the provision of a new county school," and technically it is necessary now to move that we disagree with the Lords in the Amendment to leave out "provision" and to insert "establishment," to get us back into order. It is necessary to get back the word "provision," and thus to disagree with the Lords, as my original Amendment contained the word "provision" and not "establishment." It is a highly technical piece of drafting to get my Amendment on Clause 12 into order.

Question, "That this House doth disagree with the Lords in the said Amendment," put, and agreed to.

Subsequent Lords Amendments to page 61, line 42, agreed to.