HC Deb 19 July 1944 vol 402 cc194-5
Sir Edward Grigg

With your permission, Mr. Speaker, and the indulgence of the House, I should like to ask for a correction in the OFFICIAL REPORT of the Debate held on 6th July in this House on the Food and Drugs (Milk and Dairies) Bill, which contains a reflection on my hon. and gallant Friend the Member for Thornbury (Sir D. Gunston), which it would never have entered my mind to make. The passage, as reported, reads as follows: I was astonished to hear from my hon. and gallant Friend the Member for Thornbury (Sir D. Gunston) that he has heard nothing of this subject from farmers. His correspondence with farmers must be very neglected, because I have heard a great deal from both farmers in his constituency, in which I reside, and farmers in my own constituency and other parts of the country."— [OFFICIAL REPORT, 6th July, 1944; Vol. 401, C. 1388.] That contains a reflection on the way in which my hon. and gallant Friend discharges his duties as a Member of Parliament, which, as I say, would never have occurred to me, and, as one of his con- stituents, and with the highest opinion of the efficiency and conscientiousness with which he discharges his duties as representative of that constituency, I should like the correction made. The word I used was not "neglected," but "eclectic," by which I meant to suggest that his correspondence, or the expressions of opinion which reached him, on this subject were rather more uniform in character, than those reaching me. I am sorry the REPORT should have suggested that I, in any way, reflected upon him and I should be grateful if the correction could be made. May I add, Sir, that I make no complaint against the OFFICIAL REPORT, because the confusion is one which, under present conditions, could easily arise?

Major Sir Derrick Gunston

I wish to thank my hon. Friend for the statement he has made.

Mr. G. Griffiths

Surely, my hon. Friend is not suggesting that the word "neglected" was not used by him? He used that word definitely.