HC Deb 05 July 1944 vol 401 cc1128-9
12. Mr. Boothby

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he can give the House any information regarding the progress of the negotiations with the Provisional Government of France for the civil administration of liberated French territory.

17. Miss Ward

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he can make a statement on our future relationship with General de Gaulle.

18. Mr. G. Strauss

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he can now make a statement concerning Allied relationship with General de Gaulle and the French Committee of National Liberation.

Mr. Eden

Discussions have been proceeding here between officials of His Majesty's Government and the French Committee of National Liberation on the administration of civil affairs in liberated areas in France, and on currency and other questions. The results of these discussions are being examined by His Majesty's Government and the French Committee and have been communicated to the United States Government and it is hoped that they will be found to form a basis for common agreement.

Mr. Edgar Granville

Is this agreement working well in Cherbourg, because there are disquieting stories, particularly in regard to the taking over of effective control at Cherbourg? Can my right hon. Friend give an assurance on that?

Mr. Eden

That is a different question. On the question of the actual working arrangements in France, all the reports I have are that they are very good and that the collaboration we have had from the local French people is excellent.

Mr. Boothby

I understand that these negotiations have taken place between ourselves and the French without the Americans. Is it necessary for America to be a party to any agreement we come to, or can we come to an agreement ourselves?

Mr. Eden

As I have said, we have communicated the results of our work to the United States Government, but I should not like to put it in the way my hon. Friend has done. Our object is to secure agreement between the three Governments in this matter. I very much hope that the hard work which has been put in here will very much facilitate that.

Miss Ward

When will my right hon. Friend be in a position to make a further statement on the subject?

Mr. Eden

I cannot say for certain, but I should hope shortly.

Mr. Hynd

Are we to understand from the right hon. Gentleman's statement that agreement has been reached between the French Committee and ourselves?

Mr. Eden

No, what has been done is, that the experts, the officials here, have drawn up these documents. These have been submitted to the French Committee and His Majesty's Government. We are respectively studying them. We have also communicated them to the United States Government.