HC Deb 25 January 1944 vol 396 cc520-1
25. Mr. Boothby

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether he will make arrangements to issue the necessary coupons for seaboots to bona fide fishermen.

Mr. Dalton

Yes, Sir. I have made arrangements whereby inshore fishermen will shortly be able to get their seaboots coupon-free.

Mr. Boothby

What arrangements are made for deep sea fishermen?

Mr. Dalton

They will be treated on the same footing as the men of the Merchant Navy, to whom we have tried to be as generous as possible.

26. Captain Crowder

asked the President of the Board of Trade what are the arrangements, as regards coupons, whereby the members of the W.V.S. can obtain replacement of uniform.

Mr. Dalton

Out of the total W.V.S. membership only about 2 per cent. wear uniform, and most of these surrender the full number of coupons for any replacements they need. Of this 2 per cent., about a quarter, for whose duties uniform is regarded as essential, may, if they wish, obtain limited replacements, coupon-free, in return for the annual surrender of a small number of coupons.

Captain Crowder

Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that under the second scheme they have to surrender 12 coupons every year whether they wish to replace any uniform in that year or not? Is not that rather unfair, and will the right hon. Gentleman look into the position again?

Mr. Dalton

We have looked into it recently and I am glad to be able to say the contribution has been reduced from 12 coupons to eight. I hope that this will go some way towards meeting the grievance.

27. General Sir George Jeffreys

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether, in view of the damaging effects on underclothes and socks caused directly or indirectly by the use of artificial legs, he will consider granting a few extra coupons to those who are sufferers in this respect.

Mr. Dalton

Yes, Sir. I am always glad to consider sympathetically applications in such cases.