HC Deb 23 February 1944 vol 397 cc819-20
34 and 36. Mr. Riley

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies (1) the total approximate sum approved for grants for schemes, under the Colonial Development and Welfare Act of 1940, for all the Colonies eligible for grants; and the approximate total amount actually spent on such approved schemes;

(2) the total approximate sum granted for approved schemes under the Colonial Development and Welfare Act of 1940 in the British West Indian Colonies and African Colonies, respectively; and the approximate amount actually spent on such schemes in each case.

Mr. Emrys-Evans

The total commitments under Schemes approved under the Colonial Development and Welfare Act to date amount to £7,408,746. Issues in respect of these schemes are £1,300,951. The figure of £7,408,746 also includes schemes amounting to £4,056,591 for the West Indies and £2,046,147 for Africa, for which issues of £638,600 and £447,851 have been made.

Mr. Riley

Does the hon. Gentleman appreciate that under the Colonial

Mr. Emrys-Evans

As so many figures are involved, I am, with my hon. Friend's permission, circulating a statement with the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the statement:

Precise figures for June, 1939, are not available, and in this statement the figures for 1939 are those which prevailed when the purchase of cocoa, groundnuts and palm products became subject to control shortly after the outbreak of war.

Development Welfare Act, 1940, £20,000,000 ought to have been available; and is £4,000,000 in the West Indies satisfactory progress?

Mr. Emrys-Evans

I think, if the hon. Member reads the reply he will find that over £4,000,000 have been available to the West Indies.

Sir Alfred Beit

Does not the reply imply that the far greater part of the sum has been earmarked for the West Indies and the African Colonies? Are any amounts being made available to other parts of the Colonial Empire?

Mr. Emrys-Evans

Under Section 4 of the Act a Report with all details will be laid before Parliament as soon after 31st March as possible.

Mr. Shinwell

Does the hon. Gentleman realise that it is impossible to develop the Colonies as we desire to develop them with such a miserably inadequate sum?