HC Deb 06 December 1944 vol 406 cc528-30
Mr. A. Greenwood

May I ask the Leader of the House if he has any statement to make about the course of Business for the remaining days of this week?

Mr. Eden

The Government have considered the situation and are prepared to afford an opportunity for a Debate on the situation in Greece. In view of its urgency, we suggest that the discussion should take place on Friday of this week. This will mean postponing until Tuesday of next week the two subjects—Burma and Rural Housing—announced by Mr. Speaker for discussion on Friday. We must then bring the Debate on the Address to a close, as we have certain essential Business to deal with before the Christmas Adjournment. I regret any inconvenience which this change of Business may cause to hon. Members. I understand that it must cause some inconvenience, but I am sure that the House will appreciate my difficulties, and I hope that this proposal will meet with broad approval in all parts of the House.

Sir Percy Harris

Will the Debate on the Greek situation take place on the Amendment which is being put down in the names of certain hon. Members, because that would meet the general convenience?

Mr. Speaker

I have only just heard of the change in Business. I daresay that that can be announced to-morrow.

Mr. Godfrey Nicholson

So far as Burma is concerned, the question is not the inconvenience to hon. Members but the importance of the subject. Can my right hon. Friend give a definite date when the House will have an opportunity of discussing the future of Burma?

Mr. Eden

I am sorry if I, too, was inaudible. I said that the Debate would take place on Tuesday next week.

Mr. Pickthorn

May I ask whether the promise—I think it was a promise—of a day for a Debate on Poland before Christmas still stands and, if so, whether the form of the Debate will be sufficiently wide for it not to be tightly tied, as regards matters of Order, to Poland particularly?

Mr. Eden

The answer to the first part of my hon. Friend's question is certainly "Yes," and I will deal with it to-morrow in the usual Business announcement. In regard to the second part of the question, I certainly do not want to tie the Debate narrowly, but I am not sure after my hon. Friend's question what he does want to debate.

Mr. Gallacher

May I ask if, pending the Debate on Friday, the Government will continue to bolster up Papandreou with British bayonets?

Mr. Buchanan

We are having a Debate on housing to-morrow, and, as the right hon. Gentleman knows, there are three aspects of the problem—the bombed houses, the question of new houses, and, for good or ill, the separate question of housing in Scotland. May I ask if the Scottish position will be in any way examined in the Debate in all its acuteness?

Mr. Eden

I am obliged to my hon. Friend, and I will consider how that can be fitted in.

Mr. Bowles

With regard to the suspension of the Rule to-day, is that only for the Debate on the Address, or will it also cover the setting up of the Kitchen Committee?

Mr. Eden

It deals only with the Debate on the Address.

Mr. Bowles

May I take that as an assurance that the setting up of the Kitchen Committee will not be moved to-day?

Mr. Eden

The position is simply that Government Business must finish at seven o'clock.