HC Deb 05 December 1944 vol 406 cc323-4
1. Major Kimball

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland whether he is yet in a position to make any statement with regard to the recommendation of the Scottish Hill Sheep Farming Committee that steps should be taken to establish a marketing organisation for Scottish wool.

The Secretary of State for Scotland (Mr. T. Johnston)

I have considered this recommendation in consultation with my right hon. Friend the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. The question of a marketing organisation for Scottish wool raises issues affecting Great Britain as a whole and in view of the special features of this particular industry my right hon. Friend and I have decided to set up a small independent committee of which my right hon. and gallant Friend the Member for Kelvingrove (Lieut.-Colonel Elliot) has agreed to act as Chairman, to advise us on the major questions arising. The terms of the remit are rather long, and with my hon. Friend's permission I am circulating them together with the names of the members of the Committee in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Major Kimball

Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that a committee of representatives of wool producers has already been set up by the producers and has had many meetings, and is in favour of a Wool Marketing Board for Scotland? Will he give an assurance that that committee will be able to give full evidence before the new Committee which is being set up under the chairmanship of the right hon. and gallant Member for Kelvingrove?

Mr. Johnston

Most certainly. It is highly desirable that they should tender that evidence.

The terms of reference are as follow: To examine the pre-war arrangements for the marketing of wool by producers in Great Britain, and the changes introduced under war-time control; and having regard to the views and recommendations of the Committee on Hill Sheep Farming in Scotland, as set out in their Report of December, 1943, to the Secretary of State for Scotland, to consider whether the organisation of wool marketing after the war could be improved through the medium of a scheme under the Agricultural Marketing Acts, 1931–1933, or by any other means, and whether conditions and requirements in England, Wales and Scotland respectively are such as to necessitate separate and different arrangements in regard to wool marketing in any of these countries; and to report accordingly.

The members of the Committee are:

  1. The right hon. and gallant Member for Kelvingrove (Lieut.-Colonel Elliot).
  2. The hon. Member for Cardigan (Mr. O. Evans).
  3. Mr. J. Bowman, District Secretary, Amalgamated Engineering Union.
  4. Mr. T. G. Henderson, Secretary, Scottish Milk Marketing Board.
  5. Sir Harold G. Howitt, D.S.O., M.A., F.C.A., J.P., Member of the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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