HC Deb 03 August 1944 vol 402 cc1604-7
Mr. Arthur Greenwood

May I ask the Leader of the House whether he will state the Business to be taken after the Adjournment?

The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (Mr. Eden)

Yes, Sir. In the first week after the Summer Recess, supposing that the date agreed to has not been altered in the meantime, the Business will be:

Tuesday, 26th September—Conclusion of the adjourned Debate on the Second Reading of the Housing (Temporary Accommodation) Bill, and Committee stage of the necessary Money Resolution. Committee and remaining stages of the Housing (Scotland) Bill.

Wednesday, 27th September—Committee stage of the Town and Country Planning Money Resolution; Second Reading of the India (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill [Lords] and of the Diplomatic Privileges (Extension) Bill [Lords.]

Thursday, 28th September—Committee stage of the Town and Country Planning Bill.

Friday, 29th September—Committee and remaining stages of the Housing (Temporary Accommodation) Bill and, if there is time, further progress will be made with the India (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill [Lords] and the Diplomatic Privileges (Extension) Bill [Lords.]

Mr. Shinwell

May I ask my right hon. Friend for information on two points? I understand the Chancellor is laying a White Paper on the full text of the Bretton Woods Monetary Conference. If that is correct, do the Government intend to have an early Debate? Secondly, what are the Government's intentions about a Debate on the subject of shipping and shipbuilding?

Mr. Eden

I will take, first, the second question, about shipping and shipbuilding. That is one of the subjects we have noted for a Debate when we come back, before the end of the Session. With regard to my hon. Friend's first question, the White Paper is being laid to-day and I have it in mind that we should have an early discussion after we come back.

Miss Ward

Arising out of that reply, is my right hon. Friend aware that information about the United States proposals for the conference have already been given to certain members of Congress? Will he be in a position to inform hon. Members of this House at a very early date the details of our plans that are being discussed?

Mr. Eden

I think the hon. Lady is on another point. I do not think she is referring to the Bretton Woods Conference but to the meeting on international organisation which is to take place shortly.

Miss Ward

Yes, Sir, I did not quite hear what my hon. Friend said.

Mr. Eden

That is another point. Of course, as I explained to the House this is a meeting on the official level which will not commit the Government. I do not know what Mr. Hull may have said to Congress but our course is quite clear, and the hon. Member may be assured that we shall take the necessary steps in order to carry the House with us in any proposals that are made.

Miss Ward

May we have an early discussion on the World Security Conference, because that is equally important?

Mr. Eden

As I have said, these people have not yet met. I think we must let them meet first.

Sir H. Williams

Could I ask my right hon. Friend what Minister will reply to The continued Debate on the emergency houses, because both the Ministers concerned have exhausted their right of speech? Secondly, when will the Second Reading of the Redistribution Bill take place? Thirdly, is he aware that there may be some prolonged discussion on the Extension of Diplomatic Privileges Bill?

Mr. Eden

As regards the first question, I understand the Secretary of State for Scotland will reply. As regards the second, I am not at the moment looking into Business beyond the first week. As regards the third, I regret and deplore that my hon. Friend is probably right.

Mr. Tinker

The Prime Minister said a White Paper would be published during the Recess on the Beveridge plan for social reform; will that promise be carried out? If so, may we expect a Debate upon it after we return?

Mr. Eden

We do anticipate a Debate during the present Session.

Mrs. Cazalet Keir

Is my right hon. Friend aware of the great dissatisfaction that is felt at the fact that the Government have not been able, after three months, to set up a Royal Commission on Equal Pay?

Mr. Speaker

That is not a question on Business.

Mr. Gallacher

I understand that we are to discuss the Housing Bill on Tuesday and at the tail end of the discussion take the Scottish Bill. May I ask my right hon. Friend not to carry on this practice but to set in motion the Scottish Grand Committee once again, so that it can take the Committee stage of the Scottish Bill?

Mr. Eden

We did give the matter careful consideration and we thought this was a satisfactory arrangement. There has already been discussion on the Second Reading, and we did not think there would be great difficulty on the Committee and remaining stages.

Mr. Quintin Hogg

Will my right hon. Friend consider in the next series of Sittings giving time for a discussion on overseas trade? One realises that it has taken second place to other considerations for some time, but in view of the turn which events are taking, would my right hon. Friend consider the possibility of such a discussion?

Mr. Eden

That is a suggestion which has not been made before, but owing to the importance of the subject, it is clearly one which must take its place in the list.

Mr. Cocks

The Leader of the House said that one of the Committee days would be devoted to the Town and Country Planning Bill; will it be the first day of the Committee stage?

Mr. Eden

I fear my hon. Friend's conclusion is probably correct.

Sir Richard Acland

Will the right hon. Gentleman bear in mind that when we resume it may be really urgent to have an early discussion on the question of Service voting and registration?

Mr. Craven-Ellis

Is it possible for facilities to be given to discuss the broadcast of the Governor of the Bank of England on 27th July, which was extremely misleading to the public?

Mr. Eden

I much regret that I have not the remotest idea of what was said.

Mr. Craven-Ellis

I will send the right hon. Gentleman a copy.