HC Deb 25 April 1944 vol 399 c635
Mrs. Cazalet Keir

I desire to ask you, Mr. Speaker, a question of which I have given you notice, namely, Why, in the re-printed copy of the Education Bill, as amended in Committee, the Clauses after Clause 82 are wrongly numbered, the number "83" being given to a Clause left blank except for the marginal note?

Mr. Speaker

I regret that an obvious error has been made in re-printing the Education Bill, with the result that the Clauses after Clause 82 are wrongly numbered, 83 being given to a blank space for a Clause which was omitted in Committee.

A further re-print of the Bill does not seem justified owing to the amount of paper that would be required for this purpose; and it is suggested that, for the purposes of debate during the Report stage, the best method would be to accept the numbers printed against the Clauses as though they were correct.

Mr. A. Bevan

You, Mr. Speaker, will note that on other occasions mistakes of a similar character to this have resulted in the re-committing of a Bill, and will you therefore add to your Ruling that, in no circumstances, will this action on your part be taken as a precedent?

Mr. Speaker

Certainly. I have looked into the matter very carefully and I am satisfied that this is a genuine mistake.