HC Deb 06 April 1944 vol 398 cc2156-7
18. Mr. Driberg

asked the Minister of Health if he will publish in HANSARD a list of military, civilian, Allied or other officials who are entitled to examine a civilian's identity card; and the circumstances in which they may demand to do So.

The Minister of Health (Mr. Willink)

I will circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT, as my hon. Friend desires, a statement of the particulars asked for in the Question.

Mr. Driberg

Can the right hon. and learned Gentleman say whether the number of categories is now much wider than it was when identity cards were first introduced.

Mr. Willink

I am afraid that I do not know how many categories there were, but if my hon. Friend will look at the full answer which I shall circulate, he will be able to decide that for himself.

Following is the statement:

Persons empowered by the National Registration Act or Regulations made thereunder to require production of an Identity Card are a constable in uniform, a member of H.M. Naval, Military or Air Forces in uniform on duty and a local National Registration Officer. In the last mentioned case the requirement is limited to production at the local National Registration Office. No other circumstances are prescribed which limit the exercise of these powers.

By Defence Regulation 60 CC an officer of the Post Office as defined by the Post Office Act, 1908, is empowered to require production of a National Registration Identity Card in a Post Office. The circumstances in which this power may be exercised are set forth in the Regulation, to which I would refer my hon. Friend.

The following further provisions are included in byelaws made by the Secretary of State for War under Regulation 14 of the Defence (General) Regulations which will remain in force or come into force on the 8th of the present month (April, 1944), viz.:

  1. (a) requiring a person aged 16 years of age or over in any public place in a Regulated Area to produce his or her National Registration Identity Card on demand by any member of an Allied Force in uniform and in the course of his duty.
  2. (b) requiring any person aged 16 or over who is staying for one or more nights at a hotel, boarding house, lodging house or Youth Hostel situated in a Regulated Area to produce his or her National Registration Identity Card to the person having the management of the hotel or other premises, or to a person authorised by that person.