HC Deb 05 April 1944 vol 398 c2014
Mr. Shinwell

May I ask the Leader of the House whether the Government intend making any statement before the Easter Recess, on the action contemplated, if not decided by the Government, to which the Minister of Labour referred in a speech yesterday in relation to the coal dispute?

Mr. Eden

I have had a chance to consult the Minister of Fuel and Power on the general situation. I can quite understand that the House would like, if possible, some statement on the coal mining situation to be made before it adjourns. I do not want to pledge myself, because a lot depends on events to-day, and the desire of the House is to assist a solution. As at present advised, my right hon. and gallant Friend thinks it may be possible to make a statement before we separate.

Mr. David Grenfell

May I make my personal representations to the Leader of the House that he will use whatever influence he has with the Government to persuade them to make haste slowly with any proposals for repressive measures in the mining industry?

Mr. Lewis

May I ask the Leader of the House whether he will consider the possibility on an early Supply day after Easter of putting down the Vote of the Ministry of War Transport, in order that the House may have an opportunity of discussing the decision of the Minister to allocate over 8,000 gallons of petrol a year to London dog-tracks, apart from other allocations in the country, at a time when petrol is in such short supply and is only brought here at the risk of seamen's lives?

Mr. Eden

I will consider any request that comes to me, if it has sufficient backing, through the ordinary channels. I should have thought that that was a matter which might have been raised on other occasions.