HC Deb 28 October 1943 vol 393 cc370-2
53. Mr. Barstow

asked the Minister of Health the building costs of the two cottages for agricultural workers in course of erection in the parish of Latimer, near Chesham; the cost of the site for the two cottages and its area; whether a water main has been laid to them; and whether septic tank drainage is being provided?

Miss Horsbrugh

My information is that there are no cottages being erected by the local authority for agricultural workers in the parish of Latimer. My hon. Friend may have in mind, however, the two cottages which are being built in the adjoining parish of Ashley Green, and the particulars for which he asks are as follow: £1,873; £150; and 125 ft, by 100 ft., respectively; there is an existing water main; and septic tank drainage is being provided.

Mr. Barstow

Is the hon. Lady aware that the cost of this site was over £500 an acre, that this site is on the corner of an agricultural field, that this field is now being ploughed up and that there is no water main in that particular district?

Miss Horsbrugh

My information was that there is a water main, but I shall be very glad to look into the matter again if the hon. Member says that is not the case.

Mr. Glenvil Hall

Can the hon. Lady tell us whether the hot water pipes run through the larders and that no provision is made for shelving as is the case with the two cottages already built under the scheme, to erect 3,000?

Miss Horsbrugh

In all the plans put out by the Ministry of Health the hot water pipes did not run through the larder, and we would urge rural district councils who are building to follow the plans.

Mr. Stokes

Does the hon. Lady consider £500 an acre to be a fair rate for agricultural land?

Hon. Members


Miss Horsbrugh

I think that is a matter of opinion. Perhaps I might have a word with the hon. Gentleman on another occasion.

54. Mr. Stokes

asked the Minister of Health how many cottages for agricultural workers have been allocated to the Malton Rural District Council, Yorkshire; whether difficulties have arisen in obtaining suitable sites for the cottages; have compulsory powers been applied for; and what has been the result of the Ministry of Health inquiry into the matter, so that there is an early prospect of acquiring suitable sites at a fair price?

Miss Horsbrugh

Eight cottages for agricultural workers were allocated to the Malton Rural District Council who experienced difficulties in obtaining sites at Thornton-le-Clay and Bulmer where it was proposed to erect two cottages each. The Council made and submitted for my right hon. Friend's decision Compulsory Purchase Orders for sites at both places and he has informed the Council of his decision to confirm the Thornton-le-Clay Order. The Bulmer Order need not be confirmed as the Council reached agreement with the owner for the purchase of a somewhat larger area. The building of the cottages on both sites was begun on 27th September last.

Mr. Stokes

Can the hon. Lady tell the House what are the main difficulties in acquiring the site?

Mrs. Tate

As the completion of these cottages was promised by harvest time, could the hon. Lady tell us, quite confidentially, which harvest?

Miss Horsbrugh

There were several difficulties in both the sites. In the case of the Bulmer site, it was already a housing site and the difficulty was that it had had to be divided up, giving a frontage to certain cottages and not using the whole area. A decision has now been reached that the whole area shall be used for housing.

Mr. Turton

Is it not a fact that these cottages are being built with considerable expedition by local authorities?

Miss Horsbrugh

Yes, in many cases when labour was available the cottages were built in 11 weeks.

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