HC Deb 26 October 1943 vol 393 cc17-8
19. Mr. Driberg

asked the Secretary of State for War if, their other qualifications being satisfactory, Members of Parliament are debarred from serving in A.M.G.O.T.?

Sir J. Grigg

No, Sir. They will be considered on their merits.

Mr. Driberg

Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that an hon. and gallant Friend of his was debarred on this ground from joining the staff of A.M.G.O.T.?

Sir J. Grigg

I should be glad if the hon. Member would give me the case to which he refers. To the best of my knowledge he is misinformed.

20 and 21. Mr. Driberg

asked the Secretary of State for War (1) whether it is the function of A.M.G.O.T. to administer recaptured Allied territory, such as Corsica, as well as former enemy territory; and whether officers of French and other nationalities are included in its personnel in appropriate circumstances;

(2) whether it is proposed to change the name or extend the functions of A.M.G.O.T.?

Sir J. Grigg

The initials "A.M.G.O.T." apply only to the Military Government which has been set up in Italy, Sicily, and Sardinia and will not apply to such civil affairs organisations as may have to be set up elsewhere. The operation for the recapture of Corsica was undertaken by French Forces, and the administration of the island is being undertaken by the French National Committee of Liberation.

35. Wing-Commander Hulbert

asked the Secretary of State for War what qualifications are required of applicants for employment with A.M.G.O.T.; and whether direct commissions are granted to suitable candidates?

Sir J. Grigg

The qualifications of civilian applicants for employment in Civil Affairs, of which A.M.G.O.T. is but a part, are integrity, administrative or technical experience, linguistic or territorial knowledge and physical fitness which would enable the applicant to undertake employment as a Civil Affairs staff officer under the difficult conditions following an invasion. Direct commissions are granted to a limited number of suitable civilian applicants normally between the ages of 38 and 55, who then undergo a period of Civil Affairs training.

Wing-Commander Hulbert

Can my right hon. Friend say how many commissions have been granted?

Sir J. Grigg

Not without notice.