HC Deb 23 November 1943 vol 393 cc1414-5
7. Mr. Parker

asked the Secretary of State for War whether he will carry out an immediate investigation into the conditions existing at the A.T.S. Palace Camp, Establishment A, Douglas Bay Hotel, Douglas, Isle of Man, where girls are frequently molested by mice and rats at night, and where the food at times is so unappetising that it is necessary for them to spend their pay in purchasing additional food after 5 p.m. at local cafés?

Sir J. Grigg

A.T.S. personnel at Palace Camp, Douglas, are accommodated in various requisitioned hotels and boarding houses, some of which it is difficult to keep entirely clear of rats and mice. Arrangements have, however, been made for a professional rat-catcher to visit the camp. The reports received hitherto indicate that the messing at this camp is good. In fact, only one complaint has been received in four months prior to the hon. Member's Question, and that was that the meat was too fatty. The specific complaints which the hon. Member has forwarded to me and conditions generally at this camp are, however, being investigated by an officer who is being sent there especially for the purpose.

8. Mr. Parker

asked the Secretary of State for War whether he will investigate conditions at Establishment C, Shenley, Hertfordshire, where there have been cases where putrid fish, refused by A.T.S. girls for lunch, has been served up again as fish cakes in the evening?

Sir J. Grigg

A few members of this unit complained about the fish on one occasion recently. The complaint was investigated by the messing officer, who found the fish quite palatable. I understand that cold meat and salad, not fish cakes, were served in the evening. I should add that this is the only complaint about food in this unit which has so far been made.

10. Mr. Parker

asked the Secretary of State for War whether he will investigate the case of 60 A.T.S. girls, medically examined at Queen Ethelburga's Camp, Harrogate, while scantily clad, waiting in a draughtly corridor, as a result of which Private Sheridan, M.O. No. W.237320, who joined the A.T.S. on 18th December, 1942, contracted a chill, from which she subsequently died at the University college Hospital?

Sir J. Grigg

These A.T.S. auxiliaries were medically examined on 26th October at this camp at Harrogate in a hall which was centrally heated. They wore greatcoats over their underwear. I am informed that, having regard to the history of the case of the auxiliary referred to, it is most unlikely that the circumstances of this medical inspection, which have been closely investigated, were a material factor in the cause of her illness, or that they had any effect on the course it took.