HC Deb 03 November 1943 vol 393 cc647-8
32. Mr. Sorensen

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies the composition of the Settlement Section of the Agricultural Production and Settlement Board, set up for the purpose of settling Europeans in Africa; who is the chairman; how many settlers are members; and in what way African opinion is consulted?

Colonel Stanley

I presume that my hon. Friend is referring to Kenya. I will circulate particulars asked for in the OFFICIAL REPORT. There is no representation of African interests in the Section, which is only concerned with settlement in the European areas of Kenya.

Mr. Sorensen

Could the right hon. and gallant Gentleman indicate what African opinion is consulted in this matter, which must affect them in some way?

Colonel Stanley

It is merely a question of the use of land which is already in the settlement area.

Following are the particulars:

The Settlement Section of the Agricultural Production and Settlement Board in that Colony is composed of a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman and 15 members.

The Chairman, Major Cavendish Bentinck, is an Unofficial Member of the Executive and Legislative Councils; the Deputy-Chairman is an official, the Com- missioner of Lands and Settlement. The Director of Agriculture is a member of the Board, and the remaining members are European unofficial residents of the Colony.

Although the Board's terms of reference include planning for further settlement and advising prospective settlers, I understand that its main function is that of an executive body to implement settlement policy as approved by the Government, in collaboration with the Commissioner of Lands and Settlement.