HC Deb 19 May 1943 vol 389 cc1096-7
37. Mr. Thorne

asked the Secretary of State for War whether General von Arnim is now in England; how he will be treated; whether he will receive the same rate of pay as the Italian general captured some time ago; will it be paid by the Government of Germany; how many of our generals have been captured; how are they treated; and do they get the same pay?

The Financial Secretary to the War Office (Mr. Arthur Henderson)

General von Arnim is now in England. He will be treated in the manner appropriate to his rank like other prisoners of war in accordance with the Geneva Convention of 1929. This Convention lays down that officer prisoners of war shall receive the rate of pay, of their rank in their own forces or in the forces of the detaining Power, whichever is the less. British rates are higher than German rates, and so General von Arnim will receive the rate of pay appropriate to his rank in the German army, Italian generals in our hands receive Italian rates of pay, which are appreciably higher than, the corresponding German rates. All pay issued to German officer prisoners of war is recoverable under the Geneva Convention from the German Government after the war. One general from the United Kingdom is in German hands and four are in Italian hands. They are treated and paid in accordance with the Geneva Convention.

Mr. Shinwell

Could General von Arnim receive a ration card so as to prevent his getting too liberal an allowance of food?

Mr. R. C. Morrison

Is any notice taken of promotions conferred on generals on the eve of their capture?

Mr. Henderson

I do not know whether that applies to any generals, but the rule is that promotions are notified to the detaining Power, and thereafter conditions will apply in accordance with. the promotion.

Mr. Purbriek

Are the German generals paid in Reichsmarks or sterling?

Mr. Henderson

General von Arnim is paid £16 a month, and that will be paid in sterling.

Mr. Purbrick

On what rate of exchange between the two currencies are the payments in sterling made?

Mr. Henderson

I do not think that that arises at the moment.

Colonel Sir A. Lambert Ward

Is Income Tax deducted at the source?