HC Deb 30 July 1943 vol 391 c1931
Captain Cunningham-Reid

I desire, with your permission, Mr. Speaker, to make a short personal explanation. Last Wednesday, and on previous occasions in this House, it has been stated that I left England in the blitz. Such a statement need not necessarily imply any unworthy motives, but the manner in which this statement has more than once been used in this House has implied unworthy motives. Not only has this accusation been gravely damaging, but the exact opposite is the truth. Returning from America, having been delayed by transport difficulties for four weeks, I arrived back in London on the night of one of the worst blitzes this city has experienced—14th October, 1940. I had left England 14 weeks earlier at a time when blitzes were unknown over this country. The sneer that I left England in the blitz can now be seen in its true perspective, and I emphatically repudiate this allegation which has been repeatedly used against me; and I venture to hope that the House, being now in possession of this statement of fact, will from to-day onwards accept it.