HC Deb 01 July 1943 vol 390 cc1777-8
45 and 46. Mr. Ellis Smith

asked the Prime Minister (1) whether any consultations have taken Place between the United Nations on the question of the German financial and industrial penetration of Europe; has his attention been directed to the survey of Europe by the United States Office of War Information; and can a statement be made on the matter;

(2) whether he is aware of the German financial penetration of all German dominated countries and other Fascist satellite countries by the ramifications of the Hermann Goering Trust which now controls the European heavy industries; and, in view of this development, will he give an assurance that unconditional surrender means that all the German finance and industrial interests shall be annulled and restored to the national states or a United Nations economic arrangement?

The Prime Minister (Mr. Churchill)

His Majesty's Government are well aware of the penetration of European industry and finance by Nazi Germany, and in particular by the Hermann Goering Trust. His Majesty's Government jointed with the other Allied Governments chiefly concerned in making a Declaration on 5th January of this year which emphasized their intention to defeat all methods of dispossession practised by the enemy Powers in territories under their occupation or control. As a result of this Declaration, the text of which is contained in Command Paper 6418, an Inter-Allied Committee of Experts was set up in London to prepare the way for further action by a study of the relevant law and by the collection of the necessary information on what the enemy has done and is still doing. The Governments of the United States of America, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, China, and the Governments of the European Allies are all represented on this Committee, which is assembling much valuable material. This information, together with information from other sources, including, of course, relevant reports published by the United States Office of War Information, will naturally be taken into full account in framing the future plans of the United Nations.

I cannot at present forecast these plans in detail nor the arrangements which will follow the unconditional surrender of the enemy, but my hon. Friend can be assured that one of the aims of His Majesty's Government and the Governments of the United Nations will be to ensure that Europe will be totally purged from the economic servitude which Nazi Germany has forced upon her.