HC Deb 10 February 1943 vol 386 cc1315-7
52. Mr. Parker

asked the Minister of Supply whether Mr. A. Healey, a director of the Dunlop Rubber Company, Limited, who was recently appointed to the Rubber Control of the Ministry as an adviser on the use of synthetic rubber, is also the technical adviser to the Ministry in a much wider sphere; for what reasons two further men, formerly employed by Messrs. Dunlop, Dr. Davey and Mr. Perry, have been recently introduced into his Department; and what steps he proposes to take to prevent the Dunlop Company from continuing to dominate the Rubber Control?

The Minister of Supply (Sir Andrew Duncan)

Mr. Healey is the adviser on synthetic rubber usage in the Rubber Control, but as an officer of the Ministry of Supply his assistance is available on other matters connected with the work of the Control in which he is expert. Dr. Davey has been appointed to act as Mr. Healey's deputy. He is a chemist who has specialised in problems connected with rubber usage. Mr. Perry, who has technical qualifications in tyre production, has been in the service of the Ministry for nearly two years. There is no justification for the suggestion in the last part of the Question.

Mr. Parker

In view of the fact that Dunlop's control only 50 per cent. of the industry in normal times, is it not desirable to let other sections of the industry be represented if we are to get the collaboration of the whole industry in the war effort?

Sir A. Duncan

In the interests of the war effort, the aim is to get the best qualified persons into all jobs, and if there are equally qualified persons in other concerns they are fully employed.

Mr. Moelwyn Hughes

Are these people engaged upon terms which will enable them to return to Dunlop's when the war is over?

Sir A. Duncan

It depends on the end of the war.

Mr. A. Edwards

Is it not undesirable that people should be taken exclusively from one big concern of this kind for such appointments?

Sir A. Duncan

So far as the Rubber Control is concerned, they are not taken at all exclusively from one big concern.

Mr. Edwards

The principal men are.

Sir A. Duncan


53. Mr. Parker

asked the Minister of Supply why rubber companies, wishing to manufacture such articles as window strip for essential purposes, are prevented from producing this material by the Rubber Control refusing permission for them to use reclaimed rubber; and why the issuing officer of the Rubber Control, who was formerly employed by Messrs. Dunlop, has permitted the Dunlop Rubber Company, Limited, to use reclaimed rubber in the manufacture of this material, which has been marketed under the trade name of Everseal?

Sir A. Duncan

I regret that through a misunderstanding some manufacturers were informed that automobile rubber weather stripping must be replaced by a non-rubber substitute, but this has now been put right. I am obliged to my hon. Friend for drawing my attention to this matter.

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