HC Deb 08 September 1942 vol 383 cc26-7
49 and 50. Major C. S. Taylor

asked the Prime Minister (1) whether he has any further statement to make upon the desirability of appointing a commander in-chief, having operational control of all three Services, for every theatre of operations in which British troops are engaged;

(2) whether the appointment of a commander-in-chief of the Allied Forces is contemplated; and whether discussions have taken place between His Majesty's Government and our American Allies on this subject?

51 and 52. Sir T. Moore

asked the Prime Minister (1) what progress has been made in establishing unified control of the Fighting Services in each area of war operations;

(2) whether it is intended to set up a supreme war council for the general direction of the whole war effort of the United Nations; or how it is proposed to coordinate our strategic aims?

55. Wing-Commander Hulbert

asked the Prime Minister whether, owing to the success of the recent combined operation at Dieppe, he will consider the appointment of a single officer to co-ordinate and exploit the offensive spirit and determination of all branches of our Forces and those of our Allies now stationed in this country?

The Prime Minister

All these Questions raise matters which are of considerable interest and which frequently engage the attention of thoughtful persons. They have often been debated in the past, and I have no doubt will be again. I have however no announcement of a special or constructive character to make upon any of them, although it is possible I may refer to some of them in the course of my speech.

Mr. Shinwell

Are the units of the American Air Force in this country and the American troops under American control exclusively or under British control?

The Prime Minister

I could not answer that Question without notice.