HC Deb 15 October 1942 vol 383 cc1742-3
22. Sir Percy Hurd

asked the Minister of Health the percentage incidence of tuberculosis attributable to animal disease in London, where most of the milk is pasteurised, as compared with areas in which there is little or no pasteurisation?

Mr. E. Brown

I have not at hand information in the form asked for by my hon. Friend. I am making inquiries, and win communicate with him as soon as possible.

Dr. Edith Summerskill

Although the Minister has not the exact figures, would he make it clear to the House that, as his medical advisers have repeatedly stated, pasteurisation will reduce the incidence of tuberculosis?

Mr. Leach

Is the Minister aware that there are other opinions on that point? Does he like this cooked stuff?

Mr. Brown

I am quite aware that there are varying opinions.

25. Dr. Summerskill

asked the Minister of Health whether he proposes to give full publicity to the statement in the Report of the Ministry of Health to the effect that only pasturised milk, or milk boiled at home if pasteurised milk cannot be bought, should be drunk?

Mr. Brown

The Report has already received a good deal of publicity, and I hope my hon. Friend's Question will draw further attention to it. The advice referred to has several times been given publicly from the Ministry, and I shall not neglect to repeat it on appropriate occasions.

Dr. Surmmerskill

Is the Minister going to adopt positive methods similar to those which have been given publicity in regard to immunisation?

Mr. Brown

I have answered the Question.

Dr. Summerskill

Will the Minister assure me that the failure to adopt those methods is not the result of his desire to protect those interests which are selling infected milk?

Mr. Brown

My hon. Friend may have that assurance and may put the suspicion out of her mind. I am concerned solely with the health of the people.

Dr. Summerskill

So am I.

Commander Locker-Lampson

Is it not quite legal to sell infected milk, but illegal to sell infected water?

Sir Percy Harris

Is it not a fact that T.T. milk can be sold without pasteurisation?