HC Deb 13 October 1942 vol 383 cc1485-6
37. Mr. A. Edwards

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether persons disposing of second-hand clothing are entitled to receive from the purchaser coupons which in turn may be used to replenish their stock?

Mr. Dalton

Private persons disposing of second-hand or new clothing may not accept, or be given, coupons in exchange; on the other hand, traders who sell second-hand clothing must obtain coupons from the purchaser, unless the price is below certain specified limits. Coupons obtained by traders in this way may be used by them in the normal course of their business to replenish their supplies of rationed goods.

Mr. Edwards

Does this mean that one person can sell second-hand clothes to another without any coupons?

Mr. Dalton

It means what I have tried to make clear in the answer. Persons who are engaged in trade may, in the course of trade, sell goods and receive coupons for them—they must indeed do so to replenish their stocks—but private persons must not traffic in loose coupons, or we should allow the black market even greater opportunities than it has now.

Captain Poole

Is a licence needed for the sale of second-hand clothes? If not, how does my right hon. Friend distinguish between a trader and a private person?

Mr. Dalton

Perhaps my hon. and gallant Friend will put that Question down.

Sir A. Southby

Does the right hon. Gentleman mean that a private individual may not buy or sell from another private individual without coupons passing?

Mr. Dalton

No, Sir, I think that if the hon. and gallant Member looks at the answer it will be clear.