HC Deb 13 October 1942 vol 383 cc1474-5
25. Wing-Commander James

asked the Minister of Fuel and Power whether he has now completed his inquiries into the itinerary of the Dean of Canterbury during his recent visit to Smethwick and other places, partly on ecclesiastical matters, partly in order to attend meetings; what justified the granting to him of petrol vouchers to cover upwards of 300 miles for the journey instead of using ordinary alternative means of transport?

Major Lloyd George

The Dean of Canterbury's petrol allowance, like those of most motorists, is not for particular trips, but for any journeys for specified purposes where other means of transport are not reasonably practicable. The full investigation now completed shows that the journey in question was for purposes duly specified and approved. It also shows that in the course of the journey the Dean attended a series of meetings at several places, involving cross-country travelling for which alternative transport was not reasonably practicable.

Major Petherick

Were the meetings connected with ecclesiastical duties or with political duties? Is not the Minister aware that the large allowance of petrol granted is outrageous when it is considered that Civil Defence authorities, and the Army, Navy and Air Force have had their petrol heavily cut down?

Major Lloyd George

The trip to which the Question refers was made in July, when it was still possible to use certain parts of the basic ration. As to the allowance, after the application had been made the allowance was made, and it was considered to be reasonable.

Commander Locker-Lampson

Where do politics begin and religion end?

30. Captain Crowder

asked the Minister of Fuel and Power how much supplementary petrol has been granted to the Dean of Canterbury during the months May, June, July and August, 1942; what percentage of the four months' total was for the carrying out of his ecclesiastical duties and what percentage for other purposes?

Major Lloyd George

The Dean of Canterbury's allowance, like those of most motorists, is granted for periods of three months at a time. It is not divided either between the separate months of the period or between the essential purposes for which it is granted.

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