HC Deb 08 October 1942 vol 383 cc1350-1
38. Sir Smedley Crooke

asked the Minister of Health whether in view of the success attending the experiment of sending the mobile immunisation service for prevention against diphtheria to the children at Portsmouth, he will consider similar service being sent to children in other cities and large towns where the need for immunisation is equally urgent?

Mr. E. Brown

I have already taken steps to ensure that the idea to which my hon. Friend refers, which has been successfully adopted at Portsmouth and elsewhere, is brought to the notice of local authorities generally by my regional officers, and every opportunity is taken of recommending it in areas where it is likely to be practicable and useful.

Sir Smedley Crooke

Is the right hon. Gentleman satisfied that there is sufficient vaccine?

Mr. Brown

We can do the job for the moment.

Mr. Thorne

Does inoculation cause the same amount of trouble as vaccination?

Mr. Brown

It is a very simple and painless operation.

Captain Godfrey Nicholson

Will the Minister consider the preparation of full-sized cinema films which can be used for propaganda? At present the available films are not suitable for exhibition in an ordinary cinema.

Mr. Brown

I will look into that point.

Mrs. Beatrice Wright

Has the Minister had sufficient co-operation from the schools in this matter?

Mr. Brown

Yes, Sir, they have been very helpful, and I am also grateful to many Members of this House for their cooperation.

43. Wing-Commander James

asked the Minister of Health whether, since the immunisation of children against diphtheria is available without cost to all parents, he will make an Order that the full cost of treatment of diphtheria cases shall be recoverable from parents in cases where the patients have not been immunised?

Mr. Brown

I do not feel that I should be justified in adopting the particular suggestion made by my hon. and gallant Friend, but I much appreciate his desire to assist me in ensuring the immunisation of children against diphtheria and shall welcome his co-operation in the encouragement of the campaign to this end.

Wing-Commander James

Is it fair that the public should bear the burden of the negligence of parents?

Mr. Brown

Perhaps my hon. and gallant Friend will put his Question down in another form.