HC Deb 25 November 1942 vol 385 cc701-2
20. Mr. Perkins

asked the Minister of Aircraft Production whether he is aware that at least four years are needed for the design and production of an aeroplane engine suitable for civil aviation after the war; and whether any steps are now being taken to design an engine suitable for civil aviation?

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Aircraft Production (Mr. Ben Smith)

I am satisfied that the immense efforts which have been, and continue to be, devoted to the design and development of aero engines for war purposes will enable us to provide post-war British civil aviation with engines which will compare favourably with any in the world.

Mr. Perkins

Can the hon. Gentleman tell us whether any steps have yet been taken to further civil aviation, or are the Department waiting until hostilities cease?

Mr. Smith

Current aero engine development and design for essential military purposes automatically embrace conditions appropriate for civil use, such as high speed take-off and high cruising power, with a minimum of fuel consumption consonant with the maximum reliability and minimum cost of maintenance.

52. Mr. Perkins

asked the Paymaster-General whether he is aware that an Interdepartmental Committee on Civil Aviation was appointed in August, 1941, and that this committee submitted an interim Report 10 months ago; and whether the. Government have yet come to any decision?

The Paymaster-General (Sir William Jowitt)

I regret that I have nothing to add to the reply which I gave to my hon. Friend's Question on 18th November.

Mr. Perkins

Do we understand that it is the wish of the Government that all air transport after the war should be run exclusively by Pan-American Railways?

Sir W. Jowitt

Certainly not.

Mr. Granville

If the American company has similar designs on the drawing board will my hon. Friend see that something is done to get on with the job of financing civil aeroplanes in this country?