HC Deb 19 May 1942 vol 380 cc6-7
10. Mr. Wilson

asked the Secretary for Mines whether he can give the number of shifts worked during each of the five years before the war and for each year since August, 1939?

Mr. Grenfell

I am sending the figures to the hon. Member for his confidential information, together with the figures for the pre-war years. I would point out that in view of the changes in the number of persons employed, the figures would be misleading on their own and I propose, therefore, also to provide the figures of the average number of shifts worked per person employed.

Sir Herbert Williams

What national interest is served by depriving the British public of this information?

Mr. Grenfell

There is no intention to deprive the British public, but there is a public abroad who would like very much to know how we are getting on with coal production.

Hon. Members

So would we.

Mr. Shinwell

Does the Minister not appreciate that that is precisely our difficulty?

Mr. Grenfell

It is far better to give hon. Members the information confidentially than to broadcast information even more of interest to people abroad than at home.

13. Mr. T. Smith

asked the Secretary for Mines the number of wage-earners on the colliery books employed underground and on the surface, respectively, in 1938 and 1941–42?

Mr. Grenfell

The figures for 1941 are not yet available, and it is not possible to make the comparison asked for by the hon. Member.

16. Mr. Foster

asked the Secretary for Mines the average number of shifts worked weekly per man employed in the British coalfields; and to give figures for each district?

Mr. Grenfell

These figures are not published, but they have been collected for the use of my Department, and I will send the hon. Member the particulars for his confidential information.

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