HC Deb 04 June 1942 vol 380 cc888-9

Amendments made:

In page 20, line 25, at the end, insert:

In page 22, line 31, at the end, insert:

"Section forty-four, subsection (3)(a). For the words from 'the depreciation in' to 'its value in' substitute 'that section shall have effect with the substitution for the reference in subsection (4) to the state in which the hereditament was immediately before the occurrence of the damage of a reference to.' First Schedule, paragraph 5(1 ((b)."

In line 40, at the end, insert:

"Section sixty-three In subsection (2) the words 'in relation to the goods' shall be omitted, and at the end of paragraph (b) of that subsection, insert 'or, where the conditions require the replacement or repair of the goods, whether within a specified time or not, that if goods have been acquired or repaired as aforesaid they would be on any premises.' Third Schedule, paragraph 3."

In line 49, at the end, insert:

"Section eighty, subsection (4). The word 'immediately' shall be omitted. First Schedule, paragraph 5 (1) (b).

In page 24, line 20, at the end, insert:

"Third Schedule, paragraph (2) (d). The words 'the subsistence of' shall be omitted. First Schedule, paragraph 8."
—[Sir K. Wood.]

Schedule, as amended, agreed to.

Bill reported, with Amendments; as amended to be considered upon the next Sitting Day, and to be printed. [Bill 31.]