HC Deb 04 August 1942 vol 382 cc844-5
41. Major Lyons

asked the Minister of Fuel and Power what new Order has been, or is being, issued in relation to the limitation of use of hired motor-cars and drive-yourself hirings, respectively; what are the terms; and when is it operative?

Major Lloyd George

I have made a new Order further restricting the use of motor fuel in hired cars, whether with or without a driver. Copies are now available in the Statutory Rules and Orders series, 1942, No. 1469. In view of certain new requirements, I have thought it desirable to allow time for hire-car operators to adjust their arrangements, and the new Order comes into force on 1st September.

Major Lyons

Do I take it that between now and 1st September there is no restriction?

Major Lloyd George

The Order will come into operation on the 1st.

42. Sir I. Fraser

asked the Minister of Fuel and Power whether, in the proposed Orders limiting journeys in hired motorcars, he will make provisions for journeys exceeding 10 miles for ordinary purposes in the more remote rural areas?

Major Lloyd George

In view of the urgent need to save fuel, I regret I cannot see my way to extend the area of 10 miles within which unrestricted hiring may be undertaken. I should like to add, however, that the new Hire Service Order which will come into force on 1st September allows the use of petrol for journeys within a radius of 75 miles for urgent business or domestic purposes for which other means of travel are not reasonably practicable.

43. Sir I. Fraser

asked the Minister of Fuel and Power whether he will increase the petrol allowance for motor-cars for private hire in the more remote rural areas?

Major Lloyd George

No, Sir. I am satisfied that the fuel allowances for private hire cars in rural and other areas are reasonably adequate.

Sir I. Fraser

Does the right hon. and gallant Gentleman realise that in a great many matters, and particularly in this, people in rural districts, especially very remote ones, have a feeling that the officials in the towns know more about the towns and are more sympathetic to them? Will he try to remove that feeling by giving some preference to remoter areas, where clearly the need is very much greater?

Major Lloyd George

I fully appreciate that the needs of the rural areas in the matter of transport are greater than in the towns, and that is why there has been a difference made between them.

Sir Francis Fremantle

Does my right hon. and gallant Friend recognise that it is absolutely essential in every village to have at least one car available for cases of sickness?