HC Deb 28 May 1941 vol 371 cc1855-6
55. Mr. McKinlay

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Food whether he will take steps to compel meat-pie retailers to display notices of the meat content of such pies offered for sale to the public?

Major Lloyd George

Proposals for controlling the meat content of meat pies have been considered by the Ministry's advisory committee on meat manufactures, and it has been decided, in the light of the advice of the committee, that it would not be practicable to administer any requirement that the meat content of each pie should be specified.

Mr. McKinlay

Does the Minister think it fair to the public that meat pies should be foisted on them containing 79 per cent. of added water and cereal and only a 21 per cent. meat content? That was according to the report of the public analyst. Cannot something be done to prevent the foisting upon the public of something which may be a danger to health?

Major Lloyd George

Naturally, I am anxious to do what I can to protect the public. The advisory committee consist of representatives of both manufacturers and labour in the trade, and they came to the conclusion that as so many small caterers make these things it is almost impossible to carry out a specified meat content. Difficulties would arise on analysis for enforcement purposes; owing to the fact that there is fat in the pastry it is impossible to say where the meat starts and the pastry ends.

Mr. Graham White

May I suggest that indication should be given whether mustard or jam should be eaten with these pies?

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