HC Deb 28 May 1941 vol 371 cc1862-4
Mr. Lees-Smith

May I ask the Lord Privy Seal whether he will make a statement on the forthcoming Business of the House?

Mr. Attlee

I will also state the progress of Business for to-day. After the Motion to approve the Central (Coal Mines) Scheme (Amendment) Order, it is desired to take the Committee and remaining stages of the Temporary Migration of Children (Guardianship) Bill [Lords], and the Rating (War Damage) (Scotland) Bill, and a Motion to extend the Sitting in order to get these Bills through is being proposed to-day as a precautionary measure.

After the Whitsun Recess, the Business will be as follows:

On the first and second Sitting Days we shall take the appropriate Votes in Committee of Supply, and a Debate will take place on Civil Defence.

The third Sitting Day will also be a Supply Day, and a Debate will take place on Propaganda.

During the week, if there is time, progress will be made with outstanding Business.

Mr. Lees-Smith

With regard to the first two Sitting Days and the Debate on Civil Defence, that will involve a good many Ministers; will the Government consider whether it will be convenient, in order that the Debate shall not be restricted, to take the Votes formally on those two days and then move the Adjournment?

Mr. Attlee

If that will meet the general convenience of the House, the Government will certainly be prepared to make the necessary arrangements. Clearly it would be difficult to have a wide Debate on one specific Vote.

Earl Winterton

In view of the most alarming information with regard to the sinking of ships contained in an announcement made on the other side of the Atlantic, will the Government give consideration to the question of having a Debate at an early date, both on the question of shipping production and also on the question of food production and distribution in this country?

Mr. Attlee

The Government will always be prepared to give time for a Debate if hon. Members wish. I should have thought it would be possible to combine these two subjects on one day.

Earl Winterton

No, on different days.

Mr. Mander

Can the right hon. Gentleman say whether the Debate on Propaganda will take place on the Adjournment, or, if not, on what Departmental Vote?

Mr. Attlee

We will consider whether it will be more convenient to take it on the Adjournment, but otherwise it would be on the Ministry of Information Vote.

Sir F. Fremantle

Will there be any special subject for the second day?

Mr. Attlee

The proposal is that there should be a two days' Debate.

Mr. Hore-Belisha

May I ask whether it is to be assumed that that programme is liable to revision should the situation demand it?

Mr. Attlee

I think that is an existing condition throughout the war period.

Mr. McKinlay

Could we have a day to discuss the question of unfit men being passed into the Army by the medical profession?

Mr. Attlee

I think that is a matter which might conveniently be raised on the Adjournment.

Mr. Granville

While I thank the right hon. Gentleman for the opportunity for a Debate on Propaganda, as this covers a wide field of subjects and as the Minister of Information is not a member of the War Cabinet, could he make arrangements for a member of the War Cabinet to be present during that very important Debate?

Mr. Attlee

I will certainly consider that.

Ordered, That the Proceedings on the Temporary Migration of Children (Guardianship) Bill [Lords] and on the Rating (War Damage) (Scotland) Bill, be exempted at this day's Sitting from the provisions of the Standing Order (Sittings of the House)."—[Mr. Attlee.]