HC Deb 27 March 1941 vol 370 cc707-9
Mr. Pethick-Lawrence

(by Private Notice) asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he can now make a statement regarding the composition of the War Damage Commission?

Sir K. Wood

Yes, Sir, I am glad to say that the gentlemen whose names I shall now announce have indicated their willingness to serve as members of the War Damage Commission. The names are—

Chairman: —

Mr. A. M. Trustram Eve, K.C. Other Members: —

Mr. Joseph Hallsworth, Secretary-General of the National Union of Distributive and Allied Workers.

Mr. Alexander Macdonald, General Manager of the Royal Exchange Assurance.

Mr. Charles Mackintosh, M.C., K.C, the Sheriff of Argyle.

Mr. John Morison, a member of the firm of Thomson McLintock and Company, Chartered Accountants.

Mr. G. L. Vigers, a Chartered Surveyor and President of the Parliamentary Committee of the Chartered Surveyors' Institute.

Sir William E. Whyte, O.B.E., who has been a member of various Committees concerned with housing in Scotland.

The Secretary of the Commission will be Mr. F. P. Robinson, C.B.

The House will recollect that at an earlier stage I said that in order that there might be a prompt and adequate method of dealing with Scottish problems, I proposed to appoint to this Commission two members for Scotland who would be able to look after Scottish interests so far as the Bill is concerned. This was to enable Scottish problems to be dealt with quickly in Scotland, and the two Scottish representatives who will undertake this part of the work of the Commission are Mr. Mackintosh and Sir William Whyte.

Sir William Davison

Are there not to be any Englishmen at all on this Commission?

Mr. David Adams

In view of the considerable sprinkling of Scotsmen on the Commission, has the right hon. Gentleman considered the desirability of appointing an Englishwoman?

Colonel Arthur Evans

In view of the arrangements which my right hon. Friend has made to protect Scottish interests, will he indicate what arrangements he has made to safeguard the interests of the Principality of Wales?

Sir K. Wood

I have already announced to the House the special arrangements that are to be made for Wales. In answer to my hon. Friend the Member for South Kensington (Sir W. Davison), I have mentioned two members of the Commission who will specially devote their time to Scotland. The other members are in active work and have considerable experience, not upon Scottish matters, but upon matters relating to England.

Mr. Buchanan

Will the right hon. Gentleman convey to the new Chief Whip congratulations on his first victory since he was appointed?

Mr. Rhys Davies

Are these full-time appointments and will these gentlemen be asked to leave their other occupations?

Sir K. Wood

The Chairman only will be occupied full time and the rest part time.

Mr. Mander

Are any of them to be paid, and, if so, how much?

Sir K. Wood

I thought that my hon. Friend might ask that question. Mr. Trustram Eve is expected to be occupied whole time and will receive a salary of £5,000 per annum. Mr. Mackintosh, in view of the special duties falling on him, will receive a salary of £750. His is a part-time appointment. As the Act in its application to Scotland involves many questions peculiar to the Scottish legal system relating to land and property, it was thought desirable to secure Mr. Mackintosh's services on a part-time basis. As he is a practising Scottish advocate he will be able to advise on Scottish legal questions. The other members of the Commission will render part-time service and will serve without remuneration.

Sir W. Davison

Can the Chancellor say roughly what is the relative value of property in this country and in Scotland?

Sir K. Wood

I shall have to have notice of that question.