HC Deb 13 March 1941 vol 369 cc1406-7
18. Mr. David Adams

asked the Home Secretary whether he is aware that he advised the hon. Member for Consett, on 10th September, 1940, that Felix Mayer, interned in the Isle of Man, was released on 13th August, 1940, and that on 8th January, 1941, the Home Secretary again wrote to the hon. Member stating that Felix Mayer would now be released; and, as he is still interned, will he take steps to ensure Mayer's promised release?

Mr. H. Morrison

I regret that there has been a confusion between two men of similar names. My hon. Friend the Member for Consett (Mr. David Adams) in earlier correspondence described the internee as Felix Meyer (with an e) and the replies of 10th September and 8th January referred to a man of that name. Further inquiries were made when my hon. Friend informed me that the internee in whom he was interested spelt his name Mayer (with an a). The release of both these men has now been authorised.

Miss Rathbone

Was it not carelessness to rely upon the spelling of the name, as Meyer is notoriously a very common name?

Mr. Morrison

I do not see why the Department should be presumed guilty. If the name in question was spelt another way, it was not unnatural that one got on the wrong track.

Mr. Adams

I was not aware of any mistake in spelling.

Mr. Morrison

If the hon. Gentleman wishes to discuss the matter, perhaps I can arrange for him to see my Department, so that he can satisfy himself, or we can be satisfied, one way or the other.

24. Mr. Noel-Baker

asked the Home Secretary when the mixed camp for married internee aliens will be opened?

Mr. Morrison

I would refer my hon. Friend to the Answer given to my hon. Friend the Member for North Lambeth (Mr. G. Strauss) on 6th March.

Mr. Noel-Baker

If I remember aright, my right hon. Friend did not indicate the date in that Answer. Is it possible for him to do so now, in view of the great hardship caused to internees by this separation? Will the camp be opened within a measurable time?

Mr. Morrison

I cannot give a date, but I can assure my hon. Friend that it will be opened. I hope it will not be unduly delayed.

Mr. Wedgwood

Will not all the internees be let out before then?

30. Sir Waldron Smithers

asked the Home Secretary whether, in view of the appeal of the Minister of Labour for engineers, he will order the immediate release from internment of Mr. Peter Cahn Speyer a trained engineer, who has employment assured at Glasgow?

Mr. Morrison

This case does not come within the terms of any of the White Paper categories of eligibility for release, but I am considering it as a special case, and will notify my decision to my hon. Friend as soon as possible.

Sir W. Smithers

Is my right hon. Friend aware that this gentleman, whose loyalty is unquestioned, was sent to Canada and brought back again, and that he states that he was told in Canada by an officer there that he had better apply not for admission to the Pioneer Corps, but for the specalist work for which he had been trained? In view of the demand for trained men, can this man not be released as soon as possible to help the national effort?

Mr. Morrison

This man exercised his right to apply, but he did not come within the category of specialists. He is not in that category at all. As my hon. Friend raises the point, perhaps I had better point out that the man in question is in Category A. His case can be reviewed and will be considered, but that is where he is at the moment.

Sir W. Smithers

Is my right hon. Friend aware that before the man went to Canada he was employed by Messrs. Weir, of Glasgow, who are prepared to take him back?

Mr. Morrison

That may be so, but I have given to the House the information at my disposal, and I cannot submit to pressure beyond a certain point.

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