HC Deb 26 June 1941 vol 372 cc1113-4
Mr. Lees-Smith

Might I ask the Lord Privy Seal to state the forthcoming Business of the House?

The Lord Privy Seal (Mr. Attlee)

Today, after passing the Consolidated Fund Bill, we shall consider the Goods and Services Bill. I hope it will be possible to take the Report and Third Reading, as well as the Committee stage of this Bill. Then we shall proceed with the next three Orders on the Paper.

The Business for subsequent Sitting Days will be as follows:

On the First Sitting Day—Remaining stages of the Finance Bill; Second Reading of the Repair of War Damage Bill and of the Local Government (Financial Provisions) Bill, as well as the Committee stage of the necessary Money Resolutions.

On the Second Sitting Day—Committee stage of the Landlord and Tenant (War Damage) (Amendment) Bill.

On the Third Sitting Day—Supply (12th Allotted Day) —Committee. A Debate will take place on Propaganda.

Earl Winterton

Will the right hon. Gentleman give favourable consideration, when arranging future Business, to proposals which have been submitted through the usual channels, from more than one quarter, for a Debate on food production? Will he also consider whether it would not be convenient at the same time, by taking it on the Adjournment, to have a Debate on food distribution, so that the connected questions of food production and food distribution may be considered at the same time? I do not ask for an immediate answer, bur only for consideration.

Mr. Attlee

Yes, we will certainly try to meet the wishes of the House.

Mr. Mander

In regard to the Debate on propaganda, on which Vote will it take place? Will it be on the Vote for the Ministry of Information, and, if so, will it be possible to discuss propaganda in wider aspects than would normally be possible on the Vote for the Ministry of Information?

Mr. Attlee

It is intended to take it on the Votes for the Ministry of Information and Foreign Affairs. I understand that that will give scope for a full Debate.

Mr. Buchanan

I asked the Prime Minister last week to see that an important Bill dealing with Scotland was brought in. This Bill affects people who have been bombed out of their houses. There is no mention of it in the forthcoming Business. It is a terribly important matter for poor people. A Bill has been passed in England in connection with this matter, and the law needs clarification in Scotland. Could we have a statement at an early date as to when the law in Scotland on this matter will be brought up to date?

Mr. Attlee

Yes. The Bill has not yet been presented, but the matter is in hand, and we hope to take action very shortly.

Mr. Buchanan

Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that the law in Scotland is in a state of confusion, and that different legal decisions are given? In view of that, could we not have the Bill brought forward as quickly as possible?

Mr. Attlee

The hon. Member is perfectly right, and, as I have said, the matter is in hand.

Mr. Granville

If the Prime Minister, as he said quite recently, sees no objection to a Debate in the near future on war production generally, when is the House likely to have an opportunity to discuss this matter in its widest aspects?

Mr. Attlee

We have noted the desire of the House, and arrangements will be made for such a Debate, but it will necessarily depend upon other Business when it takes place.

Ordered, That, notwithstanding the practice of the House, the Consolidated Fund (No. 3) Bill may be considered in Committee immediately after the Bill has been read a Second time."— [Mr. Attlee.]