HC Deb 19 June 1941 vol 372 cc802-3
37. Mr. Craik Henderson

asked the Home Secretary how many schemes have been submitted under the Fire Prevention (Business Premises) Order, 1941; and what percentage have been approved?

Mr. H. Morrison

The approval of schemes is in the hands of a large number of authorities, and it would not be practicable without a disproportionate amount of labour to collect the information desired by my hon. Friend.

Mr. Henderson

Will my right hon. Friend keep in mind that these schemes are not compulsory until they are approved, and that the failure to approve so many schemes is causing great difficulty? Will he think of some method by which schemes could be approved more quickly, such as the presentation of a certificate that the Order has been complied with?

Mr. Morrison

This is a point which is actively under consideration, and I am hoping almost at once to arrange, in agreement with the other Departments concerned, for a considerable degree of derogation to officers in the Region and to have co-ordination under the Regional Commissioners.

Mr. James Hall

Will my right hon. Friend take into account the necessity of seeing that the managerial side do their share of fire watching?

Mr. Morrison

My hon. Friend will know that I have stressed that póint from the beginning and that it has been provided for in the Order.

Mr. Buchanan

Is my right hon. Friend aware that at the present time there is considerable dissatisfaction among the work people that the managerial side and the employers are not doing their share and that the employés have no redress against them, whereas the employers have against the workpeople?

Mr. Morrison

I am sure that in such cases the trade unions will take some action, but if my hon. Friend will refer to me any cases of which he knows, I shall be glad to do anything I can in the matter.

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