HC Deb 12 June 1941 vol 372 cc325-6
18 Sir F. Fremantle

asked the Minister of Health what number of friendly foreign doctors are now on the British Medical Register; whether the promised number of over 100 are being added each week; and how many are now in medical employment?

Mr. E. Brown

The number of doctors, apart from those commissioned in the British or Allied Forces, who have been registered as foreign practitioners under the Medical Register (Temporary Registration) Order, 1941, is 289. All of these are now in medical employment or have such employment which they are free to take up. The Central Medical War Committee has sent forward to the Security Departments the papers of all doctors who have furnished the required particulars, averaging 80 a week in the last three weeks.

Sir F. Fremantle

Why is the number 80 a week, when the promised number was 100 a week; and what is this aliens' war service department, which seems to be hanging matters up and reducing the number that are free?

Mr. Brown

As my hon. Friend knows, this subject is not without difficulties. I think the facts that I have given show that there is considerable improvement. I know that my right hon. Friend the Home Secretary, like myself, is desirous of making that improvement as great as possible.

Lieut.-Colonel Sir Thomas Moore

Is there any ban upon the employment of these alien doctors in this country?

Mr. Brown

Obviously not, or the facts would not be as I have stated them.