HC Deb 23 July 1941 vol 373 c896
The Lord Privy Seal (Mr. Attlee)

I propose shortly to ask the House to go into Secret Session, in order that I may make a statement with regard to the Sittings of the House, and propose a Motion.

Mr. Henderson Stewart

May I ask the Leader of the House a question on Business? I apologise for asking it to-day, but I do so particularly in order that he might consider the question before the usual announcement of Business. There was issued yesterday a White Paper on Price Stabilisation and Industrial Policy, which raises matters of very great importance, affecting the standard of life of every citizen. I know that it can fall within the scope of the Production Debate, but it really goes much further. It explains the financial policy of the Government. I would like the right hon. Gentleman to consider the extension of the Debate on Production to two days in order that the Chancellor of the Exchequer might lead off on the second day, and explain this most vital and important and, I might add, much criticised White Paper.

Mr. Attlee

I will consider the point. I now espy Strangers.

Whereupon Mr. Speaker, pursuant to Standing Order No. 89, put the Question, "That Strangers be ordered to withdraw."

Question agreed to.

Strangers withdrew accordingly.

The House subsequently resumed in Public Session.