HC Deb 15 July 1941 vol 373 cc449-50
62. Mr. James Griffiths

asked the Secretary for Mines how many working shifts are lost at mines owing to the refusal of managements to allow workmen who arrive late to proceed to their work; and whether he can take steps to secure that when the late arrival of the workmen is due to circumstances outside their control arrangements will be made to enable the men to proceed to their work?

Mr. Grenfell

No figures of the kind asked for are available. The question raised is one more suitable for discussion locally between the two sides of the industry—either through the Coal Production Committee or otherwise—than for action centrally.

Mr. Griffiths

Is my hon. Friend aware that the amount of absenteeism in mines is due to men who, through no fault of their own, have arrived late, and will he make representations to the owners that they should relax this rule?

Mr. Grenfell

I am glad that my hon. Friend has given the House that informa- tion. The owners are well aware of the difficulty of getting full attendance at the collieries, and I hope that better facilities will be provided.

Mr. J. J. Davidson

Is my hon. Friend aware that referring it back to the local areas where the trouble exists will do no good, and is his Department prepared, where these difficulties exist locally, to step in and take definite action?

Mr. Grenfell

I do not even know the number of these cases. They occur locally and are known to the people locally, and they are the only people who can judge whether there has been any fault on the part of the workmen. Until it is laid down that the local machinery is inadequate, it is useless my Department stepping in.

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