HC Deb 10 July 1941 vol 373 cc322-3
Mr. Lees-Smith

May I ask the Lord Privy Seal to state the forthcoming Business of the House?

Mr. Attlee

The Business will be as follows: —

First Sitting Day—Second Reading of the National Health Insurance, Contributory Pensions and Workmen's Compensation Bill, and Committee stage of the necessary Money Resolution; and Second Reading of the Colonial War Risks Insurance Bill and Committee stage of the necessary Money Resolution. If there is time, we shall begin the Committee stage of the Pharmacy and Medicines Bill.

Second Sitting Day— Second Reading of the War Damage to Land (Scotland) Bill. Further progress will also be made with the Pharmacy and Medicines Bill, and with the Colonial War Risks Insurance Bill.

Third Sitting Day— Supply (15th Allotted Day); Committee. A Debate will take place on Home Defence in Secret Session.

Earl Winterton

Purely as a matter of procedure, would it not be more correct to say that the House will be asked to espy strangers? (Interruption).—It is a very important point. The right hon. Gentleman rather suggested that this matter is settled in advance, but it must be settled by the desire of the House.

Mr. Attlee

I agree with the noble Lord but by the custom of the House the Government announce the Business, and it is always subject to the wishes of the House. It is always understood that this announcement is made to meet the wishes of the House.

Mr. Crowder

Will it be in Order for Members to discuss the defence of aerodromes?

Mr. Attlee

Questions of what is in Order are not for me but for the Chair. The intention is however to put down a Vote and then have a Debate on the Adjournment in order to give the widest scope possible on the general subject of home defence.

Sir A. Knox

Will a representative of the Air Ministry be present?

Mr. Tinker

Will there be time on the first Sitting Day to get through the National Health Insurance Bill, and, if not, will further time be given, as it may be a contentious matter?

Mr. Attlee

We shall have to see how we get on, but we hope to get it.

Mr. Granville

In view of the fact that in the Debate on propaganda last week only eight back-bench Members were able to speak, will my right hon. Friend consider the suggestion that there should be an opportunity for further discussion on propaganda before we adjourn for the Summer Recess?

Mr. Attlee

We have to consider that in relation to the amount of time available and the claims of other subjects on the time of the House.