HC Deb 10 December 1941 vol 376 c1529
62. Mr. Garro Jones

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Supply what weekly periodicals, sold at 6d. or more per copy, have been allowed since the war paper supplies of more than the usual 22½ per cent. of their pre-war consumption; and what percentage each of these has been allowed in the first and second years of the war?

Mr. Harold Macmillan

Up to the present the allocations of paper have been made to a publisher for all his periodicals and not to the periodicals separately. The allocation was reduced in March last from 33⅓ per cent. of pre-war consumption to 25 per cent. and a further reduction was made in September to 22½ per cent. Information in the form desired by the hon. Member cannot, therefore, be given, but the supplementary ration for periodicals generally in the present rationing period amounts to less than 6 per cent. of the total quota.

Mr. Garro Jones

In the event of the discontinuance by a publisher of one of his periodicals, is his allotment of paper proportionately reduced?

Mr. Macmillan

The original system was that the allocation was made to the publisher, and he could use it among the periodicals that he owned as he liked. Under the new arrangement the allocation is made in respect of each periodical.

Mr. Garro Jones

Will this new allocation be based on pre-war consumption or on the collective allocation that was first inaugurated?

Mr. Macmillan

On the pre-war consumption.

Sir Herbert Williams

Is paper issued to publications that have been banned?