HC Deb 17 September 1940 vol 365 c97
11. Mr. Glenvil Hall

asked the Secretary of State for War whether, as the weekly stoppages from a soldier's pay are at the rate of 6½d. a week and the new allowances for haircutting, etc., on the other side are 5½d. a week, he will consider the possibility of equating these amounts in order that the time, labour and money at present involved in making these entries on both sides of each man's account can be saved?

Mr. Eden

The deduction of 6½d. a week from a soldier's pay, to which my hon. Friend refers, is a statutory contribution under the Widows', Orphans' and Old Age Contributory Pensions Act. Apart from the question of principle, there would be considerable practical disadvantages in setting these deductions off without book entry against the allowance given in respect of haircutting, etc., with which it has no connection. Nor is it likely that the savings, if any, which might result from such a course would approximate to the extra £200,000 a year which the proposal would cost the State for each million men.