HC Deb 01 May 1940 vol 360 cc688-91
15. Sir Cooper Rawson

asked the Minister of Transport whether he will give particulars, including estimated cost, of schemes for the construction of by passes which have not yet been started or have been abandoned because of the war; and whether he has consulted the military authorities as to the advisability of proceeding with some of these schemes?

Captain Wallace

The answer to the first part of the Question is a long one, involving a considerable number of figures, and I will, with permission, circulate it in the Official Report. As regards the second part of the Question, I can assure my hon. Friend that the closest touch is maintained with the military authorities in order to ensure that schemes necessary to meet war requirements are put in hand without delay.

Sir C. Rawson

Is my right hon. and gallant Friend aware that there is a great deal of unemployment in the hard-stone industry throughout the country; and can he not facilitate these schemes and see that they are proceeded with as early as possible?

Captain Wallace

That, I think, is an entirely different question.

Captain Strickland

Will the Minister bear in mind always the high strategic value of good roads?

Following is the answer to the first part of the Question:

The following schemes for the construction of by-passes or diversions costing £10,000 and upwards will not now be put in hand unless they are needed either for war requirements or to meet urgent public needs.

Grant-aided Schemes
Authority and Scheme. Estimated Cost.
Kent C.C.—
Sevenoaks By-Pass 550,000
Riverhead By-Pass 41,000
Herts. C.C—
East Barnet By-Pass 235,000
Bucks. C.C.—
Chalfont St. Peters By-Pass 118,000
Hunts. C.C—
Fletton By-Pass 29,000
Lincs. (Kesteven) C.C.—
Leadenham By-Pass 16,000
Berks. C.C.—
Newbury Relief Road 32,000
Somerset C.C.—
Wincanton By-Pass 18,000
Bridgwater Relief Road 103,000
A.39 Diversion (Wilton-Mine-head Road) 225,000
A.361 Diversion (Watford Cross-Othery Road) 207,000
A.370 Diversion (West Town By-Pass) 125,000
Leicestershire C.C.—
Thurmaston By-Pass 59,000
Oxfordshire C.C.—
Adderbury By-Pass 49,000
Salop C.C—
Egmond Diversion 10,000
Warwickshire C.C.—
Warwick By-Pass 150,000
Durham C.C.—
Durham City Relief Road 97,000
Yorks. W.R. C.C—
Ripon Relief Road 49,000
Skipton Relief Road 17,000
Redhouse-Crofton By-Pass 63,000
Leeds Ring Road 105,000
Westgate Relief Road 194,000
Yorks. E.R. C.C—
Malton By-Pass (part) 63,000
West Hasterton By-Pass 12,000
Yorks. N.R. C.C—
Malton By-Pass (part) 150,000
A. 165 Diversion (Scarborough-Filey) 146,000
Cheshire C.C.—
Kingsway (Cheadle By-Pass) 119,000
Dones Green Diversion 20,000
Derbyshire C.C.—
Worksworth By-Pass 12,000
Lancs. C.C.—
Middleton Road By-Pass, Morecambe 35,000
Water Lane Diversion 21,000
Kilmarnock T.C.—
Kilmarnock By-Pass (section 3 and 4) (Sections 1 and 2 to be completed) 63,000

Trunk Road Schemes.
Estimated Cost.
London-Edinburgh-Thurso Road— £
Boathouse Bridge and Diversion 58,600
New Bridge over Rive Avon at Linlithgow 47,578
New Bridge over Rive Allan at Bridge of Allan 62,666
Diversion from Kindallachan Bridge to Haugh of Kilmorich 16,292
London-Great Yarmouth Road—
Brentwood By-Pass 260,656
Ingatestone By-Pass 81,875
London-Folkestone-Dover Road—
Maidstone By-Pass 773,600
London-Holyhead Road—
Loughton By-Pass 72,580
London-Carlisle-Carlisle-Glasgow-Inverness Road—
Barton By-Pass 62,446
Mountsorrel By-Pass 192,264
Quorn By-Pass 60,048
Stints Bridge Diversion 39,228
Winchester-Preston Road—
Newcastle-under-Lyme 107,538
Swansea-Manchester Road—
Diversion of Pontardulais Road, including reconstruction of Cadle Bridge 14,618
Northwich By-Pass—Eastern Section 163,991
Liverpool-Preston-Leeds Road—
Loughton By-Pass 137,636
Sheffield-Grimsby Road—
Hatfield By-Pass 57,882
Edinburgh-Carlisle Road—
Groundiston Diversion 10,368
Perth-Aberdeen-Inverness Road—
Diversion at River Pilgair 27,415
Total Estimated Cost £2,247,286
In addition there are the following improvement schemes, which include the construction of diversions:
Estimated cost.
London-Edinburgh-Thurso Road— £
Spital Gap Lane to junction with A.545, including Shilling Hill Diversion 60,743
London-Fishguard Road—
Melin Llan to Pen-y-gors, including diversions at Bryntwood and Llangyfelach 113,430
London-Carlisle-Glasgow-Inverness Road—
Widening, including diversions at Millbank, Poneil and south of Coalgill from Newfield Inn to 1.7 miles south of Millbank 252,972
Widening between Telford Bridge Diversion and Abington, including diversions at Crawford, Hurlburn Bridge and Abington 219,640
Widening between Dumfries County Boundary and Telford Bridge Diversion, including diversion at Paddy's Rickle Bridge 278,629
Estimated Cost.
London-Carlisle-Glasgow-Inverness Road (cont.)— £
Widening from north of Miltons Road to Moffat Bridge, including diversion at Beattock 83,193
Birmingham-Gt. Yarmouth Road—
Widening A. 447 and construction of By-Pass to Earl Shilton 174,400
Chester-Bangor Road—
Widening between Bod Erw, St. Asaph and Kimnel, including two diversions 166,958
Edinburgh-Carlisle Road—
Reconstruction north of Appletreehall Road junction, including diversion at Newton 17,870
Gretna-Stranraer-Glasgow Stirling Road—
Widening from City of Glasgow Boundary to Baden heath Bridge, including diversions to Muirhead and Mollinsburn 217,920
Widening from east of Lanarkshire Boundary to east of Stirling Boundary, including diversion at Cumbernauld and Castlecary 197,200
Total Estimated Cost £1,782,965