HC Deb 06 March 1940 vol 358 cc355-6
1. Mr. Mander

asked the Prime Minister whether he will consider the advisability of making clear that at the close of the war it will be essential that any armistice or peace terms shall bear the signatures not only of the German democratic element, but also of the representatives of the Army and Nazis, with a view to the assumption of joint responsibility?

The Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (Mr. Butler)

It is clearly premature to specify the signatories of any armistice or peace terms at the end of the war. Our first aim must be to win it.

Mr. Mander

Does not the right hon. Gentleman think it very important to place the blame on the whole German people, so that it will not be possible, as it was after the last war, for any section to blame any other section?

Mr. Butler

Yes, Sir.

Mr. Robert Gibson

Can the right hon. Gentleman say whether this proposal is modelled on the warrant for the execution of Charles I; and might the historical result be the same?

9. Mr. Arthur Henderson

asked the Prime Minister whether he can state more precisely the tangible guarantees which will be required from the German Government as evidence of their intention to refrain from acts of aggression against other countries, as part of a peace settlement?

Mr. Butler

I cannot at present add anything to what was said on this subject by the Prime Minister at Birmingham on 24th February last.

Mr. Henderson

Is it not the view of His Majesty's Government that, whatever form these guarantees have to take, they shall be within the framework of a free settlement, based on equality and justice, and not on force?

Mr. Butler

That, I think, is implicit in the Prime Minister's speech.