HC Deb 05 March 1940 vol 358 c181
17. Mr. Hannah

asked the Secretary for Mines whether he will consider so modifying the necessary formalities that soldiers on leave will be able promptly to get the petrol rations to which they are entitled, instead of having to fill in forms and wait in queues?

Mr. Lloyd

An applicant for the special allowance to Service personnel on leave from overseas has to produce only the registration book of his car or motor cycle and his leave warrant, and no forms have to be filled up. I am informed that there has been no such pressure at recruiting centres, where these allowances are issued, as would have involved any waiting in queues, but if my hon. Friend will furnish me with particulars of any case, I shall be glad to make further inquiries.

Mr. Hannah

Is it not a fact that some soldiers have got their rations after they have returned to France?

Mr. Lloyd

If my hon. Friend will give me particulars, I will look into them with a view to putting a stop to that undesirable state of affairs. These arrangements, however, were made in consultation with the Service Departments; and recruiting centres were considered to be the most convenient stations.

Major Sir William Colfox

Will the hon. Gentleman make it clear that it is not necessary for the car for which a ration is asked to be the soldier's personal property, and that it is quite possible to get a ration for the soldier's wife's car while the soldier is on leave?

Mr. Lloyd

That is a matter which I am investigating at present, in consultation with the Service Departments.